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nce of High Availability Networks Metadescription: If you want to ensure the stability and security of your data then be sure you are utilizing a high availability network

Ensure Your Website’s Success with a High Availability Network

A 1998 IBM Global Service report estimates that unavailable network services cost American businesses $4.5 billion annually. That was nearly twenty years ago. Imagine the exponential growth in losses that have occurred since then as computer usage has expanded across the world. Network reliability is one of the essential ingredients ensuring the success of your online platform. There are few things that will drive your customers away faster than receiving error messages or your site being down for maintenance. In today’s highly connected world, a website needs to be operational 24/7 in order to be prepared for users in different time zones trying to use your site. This short guide will explain the importance of high availability networks and how […]

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Computer Network

IPv4 Depletion: Reasons to migrate over to IPv6

Most people don’t pay too much attention to how their computers work. The most important thing is that they work. However, whether you are in IT or just addicted to Netflix, a serious problem that has been on the horizon for decades is about to come to fruition. Every digital device we use has an IP address which is, essentially the vehicle that allows you to access the Internet, among other networking functions. The problem is that when the regulating standards were being designed back in the 1980’s, there were only a set number of potential IP addresses that could be created (4.3 billion to be exact). Remember, these are the pre-smartphone days and before most people, even in wealthy […]

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Cloud Diversity

5 Reasons Multi-Cloud Deployment is the Right Solution

These days so much is done in the Cloud that it is hard to imagine what life was like before it. The Cloud makes business more flexible, dynamic, and ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the digital world. That said, many companies find themselves in an awkward position because they have shifted much of their infrastructure onto one provider. Obviously, there are some potential problems with this type of setup. Issues can range from the company experiencing technical issues, which could mean no access to company data or being in a situation where you have to change providers due to a buyout or a change in the terms of service. These are just a few of the many […]

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