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Hurricane Harvey Aftermath | Victims Still Need Your Help

All of us at Root Level Technology would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the concern expressed to us and to our customers. Although our offices are headquartered in Houston; we have a data center here and in Florida as well as employees in both states. Despite the devastating situation surrounding us and our offices, our data centers and our employees are all safe and ready to help. In Houston – it’s been over two weeks since Harvey passed and countless victims are still recovering from the catastrophic storm. In Florida, Hurricane Irma made landfall Sunday in the Florida Keys, and the devastation will persist as this storm heads north this week.  The calamitous rampages of both these storms […]

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Hurricane Harvey Help – Free Colocation Offer!

As you are probably aware, Southeast Texas recently experienced a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane. While we are still experiencing unprecedented amounts of flooding, we are happy to report that our Houston data center facility withstood the storm with no downtime, and is still functioning with no issues. Remember, this facility was built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. Our employees are safe and have not been impacted, so we will proceed with business as usual and are available for any clients requiring assistance. We are happy to report that we maintained 100% uptime throughout the entirety of the storm. Below is a picture of the main entrance to our Houston Data Center during the height […]

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What’s The Difference Between A RTOS And A GPOS?

With the Internet of Things, RTOS’s have been gaining a great deal of popularity lately. After all, they’re much better-suited for use in embedded systems than GPOS’s, and far easier to work with in many cases, as well. If the previous two sentences sounded like Greek to you, then don’t worry –  you aren’t alone. It can be easy to forget that not everyone understands all the buzzphrases and insider terminology that’s bandied about around a particular technological development. Today, I’d like to demystify things a bit. Let’s talk about some of the most important terms in embedded computing. . They actually aren’t as complex as you might think. You probably already know what a General Purpose Operating System is […]

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