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Three Important Things To Know About Outsourcing Your IT Services

The outsourcing market is ever on the rise. In the interest of reducing costs and enhancing business agility, many organizations are starting to look to third parties to provide essential services such as human resources, accounting, marketing, and IT. Especially for smaller businesses, which may not have in-house resources or expertise, this approach makes a great deal of sense. It’s also an approach that comes with a great deal of risk if done improperly. “Trusting a third-party provider for all of your company’s IT needs can create serious security issues,” reads a piece on Informationweek. “And outsourcing is not a panacea. If your business is having trouble managing technology on its own, it’s likely that an IT outsourcing provider will […]

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Colocation Services

Explaining GSLB

Especially during periods of particularly high traffic, you need a way to balance the demands you place upon your servers and network architecture. Too much traffic traveling along any one path can be disastrous – like an overloaded elevator, or a highway during rush hour. As an administrator, you know this; chances are you’re already aware of a few load balancing methods you can use to keep your servers running healthily, even during high-traffic periods. Today, we’re going to take a look at one method in particular: Global Server Load Balancing, or GSLB for short. What IS GSLB? With Global Server Load Balancing, server loads are managed by splitting traffic through the use of DNS and geographical locations. A user […]

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