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What Is Cloud Neutrality, and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

As you likely already know, cloud computing represents an enormous business opportunity for organizations both small and large, coupled with the capacity to level the playing field for smaller firms. Unfortunately, like many new technologies, the cloud can also lend itself to a great deal of abuse. This is precisely why cloud neutrality is so essential – and why it’s critical that you understand what it is. What IS Cloud Neutrality? You wouldn’t be incorrect in assuming that cloud neutrality has a very similar meaning to carrier neutrality. In essence, it refers to an environment in which there is healthy competition between cloud providers. No vendor has an unfair advantage over any other vendor, and clients making use of a […]

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Ransomware – Are You at Risk?

Since the 1980s, ransomware – an attack method in which malicious software locks down a user’s PC and files until they pay a set amount to the attacker – has been a constant in the digital realm. But until recently, the nature of the Internet meant that these attacks primarily targeted individuals. Criminals lacked an effective means of assaulting larger enterprises. This is no longer the case. On some level, you’re probably cognizant of this fact. After all, the healthcare industry has seen a massive surge in ransomware over the past few years, with one extorted hospital being forced to pay out $17,000. There are several core factors that have contributed to this unprecedented growth: The increasing popularity of Bitcoin, […]

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Five Surefire Ways To Make Your Life As A Sysadmin Easier

It’s rough being a sysadmin – that’s really no secret. Not only do you have to keep oft-disparate systems playing nice with one another, you need to have a game plan for pretty much every failure that might occur. Factor in that you’ve probably got users constantly on your back, and that when something goes wrong you’re the one on the chopping block, and, well… You can hardly be blamed for getting a bit stressed. Breathe. We’re here to help. Today, we’re going to go over a few small tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your own workday. Hopefully, they make your life – and your career – easier, even if only slightly. Enforce Strict Mobile Application Controls […]

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