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Five Surefire Ways To Make Your Life As A Sysadmin Easier

It’s rough being a sysadmin – that’s really no secret. Not only do you have to keep oft-disparate systems playing nice with one another, you need to have a game plan for pretty much every failure that might occur. Factor in that you’ve probably got users constantly on your back, and that when something goes wrong you’re the one on the chopping block, and, well… You can hardly be blamed for getting a bit stressed. Breathe. We’re here to help. Today, we’re going to go over a few small tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your own workday. Hopefully, they make your life – and your career – easier, even if only slightly. Enforce Strict Mobile Application Controls […]

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How You Can Weather An AWS Outage

There’s no such thing as a truly infallible system. Every platform, no matter how extensive or powerful, has points of failure. The Amazon Web Services outages we’ve seen over the years are proof enough of that – evidence that even the cloud can be brought down from time to time. “Outages are a thing that happens, whether your computing is happening in your office, in colocation, or in ‘the cloud,’ which is just a shorthand term for someone else’s computer,” writes Forbes Contributor Justin Warren. “To think that putting applications ‘ in the cloud’ magically makes everything better is naive at best.” That’s something of a bitter pill to swallow, isn’t it? Even if AWS fails infrequently, a single failure […]

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The Importance of OSI Model To Information Security: The Modern Threat Surface

With the advent of mobility and the coming Internet of Things, the enterprise threat surface has never been larger, nor the avenues through which criminals can gain access to essential files so varied. In the past, network-level controls were all you really needed to keep your data safe. But times have changed – and if your approach to security doesn’t change with it, then you’ve only yourself to blame when you suffer a breach. What a lot of administrators tend to forget is that protections like firewalls and authentication controls are only part of the equation. Such network-level protections only guard against a very narrow scope and set of attacks. If you want to truly protect your organization, you need […]

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