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KubeCon Warm Up

We’re excited to hear KubeCon + CloudNativeCo has in store for us. As we warm up for the event, people were welcomed with an amazing kick-off of lightning talks from some great people!   Lightning Talk Highlights:   Jun Sakata, Software Engineer, Infrastructure, Ubie, Inc. – an Introduction to GitOps Deployment to Kubernetes PDF Tim Hockin, Principal Software Engineer, Google – CRDs Aren’t Just For Addons PDF Elena Morozova, Software engineer, Weaveworks – Labels in Prometheus Alerts PDF Mike Arpaia, Co-Founder & CTO, Kolide – Behind the Scenes: Kubernetes Release Notes Tips & Tricks PDF Jonathan Perry, CEO / Co-Founder, Flowmill – Monitoring Kubernetes with eBPF and Prometheus PDF Marko Mudrinić, Software Developer, Loodse – Spawning Kubernetes In CI For […]

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Turn on your Predictive Scaling for EC2 now!

If you have an autoscaling group in AWS, you have a need for Predictive Scaling. Predictive Scaling is exactly what it sounds like: Machine Learning being applied to your auto scaling metrics through a service provided by Amazon. This service looks at metrics provided from your existing Auto-Scaling group metrics including CPU use or custom-defined metrics. These metrics are weighed against Amazon’s own data to build a forecast for resource usage by your EC2 instances. The more data points available for machine learning, the better your results. AWS’s predictive scaling only requires 24 hours of data to start making predictions, but those predictions will get better the more data is available. Predictive Scaling is a free service and can be […]

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That’s a wrap!

To wrap up this year’s AWS re:invent, our talent acquisition manager, Anya Marshall, is especially excited about today’s product announcements. “The day started with Werner Vogel’s announcements around enhanced and new features for Lambdas and Serverless. New additions are Lambda Layers & Runtime API, and Lambda support in new languages, which make sharing code, frameworks, modules, and libraries across functions easy. The day was full of workshops and partner presentations, and most importantly hallway sessions. It’s amazing to see the technical community come together and work to solve common problems. To top it off, Skrillex will be coming back to play at re:play, what a perfect way to forget the feet fatigue after walking around the venues.”   Highlights:   […]

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