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Bots Are Getting More Advanced – Are You Prepared To Deal With Them?

The days when you could be certain there was a human presence on the other end of a cyberattack are behind us. Bot-generated attacks targeted at web infrastructure have of late grown increasingly prevalent, and increasingly more sophisticated. The different attack vectors and risk profiles are similarly expanding. In short, bots are getting better at ruining your day, and they’re becoming much more difficult to detect and mitigate. Is there anything you can do? How can you guard your assets from attackers that employ these tools against you? What Bad Bots Do By far, the most common type of bot in operation today is the comment spammer – you’re no doubt familiar with them if you’ve spent even a marginal […]

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How Can High-Risk Industries Defend Themselves From DDoS Attacks?

No one is immune to cyberattacks. As technology continues to march forward and more critical data is stored online, more criminals than ever are targeting businesses through digital vectors. The threat landscape has never been more diverse, nor has the risk of an attack ever been higher. It is extremely difficult to mount a defense on all fronts. A business that’s well-equipped to protect against worms and malware, for example, may not be able to mitigate advanced persistent threats or information theft. Similarly, a business that’s geared to prevent information theft might not have proper DDoS defenses in place. Attackers know this, and many now target multiple vectors when attacking an organization. All they need is for one vector to […]

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Five Things You Need To Know About Hacktivism

Not all cyber-attacks are financially motivated. In the modern day, an increasing number of digital attacks are carried out with the intent of delivering a message. The cyber-criminals behind such attacks — dubbed ‘hacktivists’ — are many and varied, and there are many shades of gray where their motivations are concerned. They’re not out for money, and they can be more persistent than even the greediest hacker. Of course, if your business is unlucky enough to find itself the target of a hacktivist, the ‘why’ of an attack doesn’t matter so much as the ‘how’ of mitigating it and coming through intact. In that regard, the first step is a better understanding of what hacktivists are and how they operate. […]

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