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Big Data: Deep Learning with Tensor Flow

Will Google’s TensorFlow Fuel Your Next Breakout Product? In the era of self-driving cars and the internet of things, it can be easy to get caught up in the “window effect”.  Maybe you’ve been there already…on the outside of that window looking in jealousy.  That feeling of “sure, deep learning and big data utilization are all perfectly well for Google and other tech giants, but it’s entirely out of my company’s league.”  If you’ve thought that far into the matter, you’ve probably also reflected on the massive upside potential that these technologies hold (probably with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial jealousy, if we had to guess).  But now you can stop wishing and start innovating.  In a move that holds […]

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DevOps Workshop | Friday, May 4th at 10 a.m.

DevOps Workshop Friday, May 4th 10a  – 2p REGISTER presentations by: Gerald Kleyn Senior Director For HP Enterprise Gerald Kleyn leads the product management, operations and research and development engineering teams that deliver the Edgeline and Moonshot systems at HP Enterprise. He works with teams to provide customers with industry leading solutions in Industrial IoT, Mobile Workspaces, Big Data, HPC and Media Processing. Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques are enabling super-human analytics capabilities in the datacenter. However, as exponentially more cameras and other sensors are constantly collecting “heavy” data, processing them locally at the Edge is increasingly important. Join us to find out how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Edgeline systems enable AI at the Edge, and create a continuum back to AI […]

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How CI And CD Can Boost Your Efficiency, Revenue, And More

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) are powerful strategies that your software team needs to adopt, if it hasn’t currently already. How would you like a simple, low-cost path to a smoother release cycle, a better relationship with your end users, and higher profits?  Well, that’s precisely what’s on offer when you adopt and pair continuous integration and continuous deployment. What’s Continuous Integration (CI)? We’ll start by explaining CI and its advantages before moving on to a discussion of CD.  Continuous integration is exactly what you’d expect those two words to break down into from a coding perspective.  All of the team’s coders submit their separate bits of project code into a centralized server.  This server then integrates the […]

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