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Disgruntled employees. Angry customers. “Hacktivists.” A DDoS attack could crash your site or application by exploiting the fundamental nature of the internet. As certified Radware distributors, we protect your servers with world-class anti-DDoS hardware, at costs that are otherwise unavailable.

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Using world-class Radware technology, we protect and monitor your servers at all hours of the day, guarding against even the largest attacks. Software solutions aren’t enough. We work with you to build infrastructure that matches your unique needs.

World Class, Patented DDoS Technology

Years of network engineering building out our own enterprise class hosting company give us the technological expertise to install DDoS mitigation devices where they will be most effective in your network, our partnership allows us to do so at discounted costs, and our engineers are prepared to deal with emerging threats that automated systems alone can’t handle.

Radware’s DefensePro

Radware’s DefensePro DDoS mitigation devices use patented real-time signature technology to detect and filter traffic from zero-minute attacks, DoS and DDoS attacks, and application misuse attacks before it has a chance to impact your computational resources or overload your bandwidth capabilities.

Dedicated Hardware

DefensePro is a dedicated hardware solution, not a virtualized solution based on generalized architecture. Each device is built to handle 230 million packets per second and 300Gbps of bandwidth, with multiple CPU cores dedicated to processing and filtering network data.

How It Works

A DoS mitigation engine uses Intrusion Prevention Systems, Network Behavioral Analysis, a Reputation Engine, and SSL Attack Prevention to stop flood attacks while letting legitimate traffic through. A second component, the StringMatch Engine, accelerates signature detection.

Real Time Monitoring

RadWare’s APSolute Vision also gives us real time monitoring capabilities to deal with unprecedented threats in real time.

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