Root Level Technology is offering a free webinar that gives business and IT leaders a roadmap for making a successful journey to the public cloud.

Hosted by Root Level Technology’s Chief Technology Officer Eric Fourage, the webinar Making Sense of Your Cloud Migration With Cloud Physics is a comprehensive overview of the steps required when companies consider transitioning their operations to the cloud.

“When we talk to clients, the common theme is ‘how can we innovate faster and more efficiently?’ It starts with cloud migration,” said Root Level Tech CTO Eric Fouarge. “All of the recent industry disruption from companies like Uber, PayPal, and Google are born in the cloud. So, for enterprises to continue to be innovative and competitive in the market, the cloud is the tool in your toolbelt to move your company to the next level.”

This free webinar will explore the cost savings and efficiencies inherent to cloud technology. You’ll also learn about how the self-service CloudPhysics Assessment tool will help create visibility into the vulnerabilities and hidden costs of a company’s infrastructure as they consider migrating operations to the cloud.

“It’s time for companies to look into their business and figure out why they are still using a data center. The most common reasons are time and a misunderstanding of how cost management of the cloud works,” said Fouarge.

“The CloudPhysics tool gives a concise bottom-line report into how the cloud can work for your company. It’s a great way to get executive buy-in and push the conversation forward.”

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