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Massive Bandwidth. Low Latency. No Downtime.

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A High Availability Network
With Geographically Diverse
Load Balancers

Get the redundancy of three separate data centers: Houston, LA, and Orlando. Our Radware Alteon load balancers are built from the ground up to guarantee application SLAs. Private VLANs, blended IPs, and multiple ISPs ensure availability. Tell us your project goals. Get a purpose built network with the precise bandwidth, routing, and computing specs you need.

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A High-Capacity,

Our network is built to persevere and designed for the absolute highest traffic demands. Whether you’re hosting a streaming service, a mission-critical database, or a computationally intensive application, we have your solution. Multiple ISPs, redundant hardware, and high capacity fiber connected directly to the internet backbone ensure genuine high-availability.

Built For A
Purpose: Yours

Root Level Tech builds custom configurations to your exact requirements. Enterprise-level clients require more than “virtual” solutions. Your hybrid solution combines real-world hardware optimization with the software interfaces sysadmins know and love.



Multi-Corded Devices

Hardware failure is no excuse for downtime. Our network, and your configuration, are fully redundant, protected against even the most catastrophic failures.

Geographically Diverse Hardware Load Balancers

Forget virtual load balancers. Our Radware Alteon application delivery controllers are optimized to guarantee application SLAs. We offer load balancing across 3 data centers, in LA, Houston, and Orlando. Your data packets take the shortest route based on physical location and network congestion.

Multiple ISPs

Blended IPs and multiple ISPs mean seamless availability, even if an entire ISP is down.

Private VLANs

Keep your traffic to yourself. Private VLANs ensure that no matter what happens on other client networks, yours won’t be impacted.

6 Locations, In The US And Europe

We own and operate data centers in Los Angeles, Houston, and Orlando, USA; London, UK; Paris, France; and Nuremberg, Germany.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Availability is a question of whether fibers are congested, never a question of how much data you use in a month. We do not charge based on total packet transfer, and we never will.