Meet WALT. A.I Driven Load Testing

WALT stands for Web Applications Load Tester.

WALT is a solution that allows companies to establish sustained loads on their web applications. Through an A.I. driven core, WALT evolves with your application as it changes, and provides realistic browsing behaviors. The solution is well-suited to provide validation on post-migration activities, or significant event workload simulations.

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A.I. Driven Load Testing
  • The catalog test suite is driven by an A.I. core whereby you the customer (and others) will continue to train models created and usable within the WALT application.
  • Extensive test reporting
  • Two click deployment
  • Under 60 seconds to your endpoint

  • Pricing
  • Core: Pay per VU
  • Additional 1: Tiered support options available
  • Additional 2: Custom built testing options
  • Event Location Traffic Testing
    Event location traffic testing with WALT allows you to run tests to and from specific locations to deem if there is enough local infrastructure to handle your conference as well as testing your website speeds from the event location.

  • Detailed latency reports
  • Specific location targeting

  • Pricing
  • Core: Pay per VU/Test
  • Specific location targeting
  • Competitor Analysis
    WALT can be used for competitor analysis to gain insight into the pricing/availability that your competitors offer.

  • Product attribute/pricing/availability scraping
  • Sophisticated anonymous browsing
  • Fully customized program
  • Configure the scraping to fit the individual needs

  • Pricing
  • Core: Pay per VU
  • Support tiers

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