Rancher allows companies to not only deploy Kubernetes clusters anywhere but also helps to address many of the challenges that arise. When managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, whether they are on-premise, in a data center or in the cloud.

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So, how can Rancher help you?
  • Provides simplicity when managing multiple Kubernetes clusters within any infrastructure or cloud platform
  • Gives you a single pane of glass dashboard for viewing and managing your clusters
  • Open-source / free to use forever!
  • Very vibrant and helpful community support
  • Easy to use – you will get started with Rancher and Kubernetes in minutes!
  • Centralized security, authentication and access control using local or external services
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Implementing Rancher Within Your Business

Expanding Your Kubernetes Footprint


This can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to centralizing security, authentication, and management. Rancher allows you to centralize all these aspects of managing your environments. Rancher allows you to quickly deploy new Kubernetes clusters or import existing clusters that already exist.

Moving to Containers & Kubernetes

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When looking at moving to containers, and Kubernetes, you can become overwhelmed very quickly. Anyone that has taken a look at Kubernetes has learned that it very quickly becomes a rabbit hole and you will get overwhelmed. 

Rancher helps ease you into Kubernetes and container orchestration, but since it runs on 100 percent native Kubernetes you can still access advanced concepts without any worries.

Built-In Support

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Rancher has built-in support for all of the popular technologies within Kubernetes, including Helm, Prometheus, and Istio! These can be deployed with simple configuration wizards to get you up and running quickly.

Helm Repositories

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You can use Helm repositories, or create your own, to allow for your teams to select from supported platforms and deploy them quickly on-demand using Ranchers App Catalog. A wizard will help you deploy these platforms, making it even easier. No need to comb through documentation and create YAML configuration files for common platforms.

Backup and Restore Your Kubernetes Configuration(s)

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You can easily backup, and restore your Kubernetes configuration with one click. You can also set up rolling backups, so you just set it and forget it (until you need it)! You can backup locally, to a network location or to cloud storage.

For more information about how Root Level Tech can help you implement Rancher within your business, or if you have any questions regarding Rancher, feel free to reach out

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