Enhanced Staff Augmentation

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Staff Augmentation is the right choice if you already have your end goal well documented and simply need the heavy lifting help.

Focus Areas

Keeping a focused directive allows our team to have some of the best resources available to our clients. We are always sourcing for very specific types of talent.

We chase these roles daily!

– DevOps / SRE / Cloud Engineers

– Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD

– Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, Full stack Developers

– Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Engineers

– Project and Product Managers

Candidate Profile Packet

When engaging with us to find your perfect person for the job, we like to streamline the process by getting you all the information to review prior to ever meeting the candidate.

You will receive the following before each interview:

– One Page Profile – Rate, Skills, Profile Links

– Reviewed Resume, Recent Projects Overview

– Prescreening notes from our internal Engineers and recruiting team

Contact us if you think our Staff Augmentation services are right for you!