Aperian – Cloud Transformation

Root Level Technology‘s role in this project was to strategize,execute, and deliver a successful platform that fulfilled our clients’needs.

The Challenge

Aperian Global reached out to us because they were interested inmoving their single CMS (content management system) to GCP.They also wanted their single instance application to be scaled outinto multiple instances, offering failover protection and highavailability.

The Solution

The application and all supporting infrastructure were migrated toGCP with multiple identical instances. To facilitate distributedtraffic between the active instances, load balancing between eachof the nodes was introduced. All locally stored data was migratedto Gluster, which included over 60gb of data. A plan wasdeveloped and executed to move all supporting data from MySQLto GCP CloudSQL.

The results

In conclusion, moving to GCP has enabled Aperian Global toutilize a variety of GCP options to expand the capability of theirCMS. They were able to utilize Load Balancing and multipleinstances, to increase the stability and high availability of theirCMS. Their use of CloudSQL has allowed them to use acentralized database solution for reliability across all instances.

Moving to GCP has enabled Aperian Global to utilize avariety of GCP options to expand the capability of theirCMS.

About the customer

Aperian Global, Inc.

Aperian Global is a professional training andcoaching company.

Industry: Education

Primary project location: US

About the partner

Root Level Technology, LLC

At Root Level Technology, we provideprofessional services around application andinfrastructure modernization and cloudstrategy.


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