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Wannacry Ransomware

In this day and age where we’ve never been more attached to our gadgets and computers, imagine if your laptop was literally held ransom? That’s the reality thousands of individuals and corporations woke up to on the May 12th, 2017 when a global malware campaign, called WannaCry (also called WCry or Wannacryptor), began.   This malware is a ransomware variant, and some of its most notable victims are the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), Telefonica in Spain, Renault in France and some Chinese universities. This article aims to reveal key details about this rapidly growing malware threat and how to protect your computers from it.   How does WannaCry Operate? Most malware attacks are focused on security vulnerabilities on […]

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Ransomware – Are You at Risk?

Since the 1980s, ransomware – an attack method in which malicious software locks down a user’s PC and files until they pay a set amount to the attacker – has been a constant in the digital realm. But until recently, the nature of the Internet meant that these attacks primarily targeted individuals. Criminals lacked an effective means of assaulting larger enterprises. This is no longer the case. On some level, you’re probably cognizant of this fact. After all, the healthcare industry has seen a massive surge in ransomware over the past few years, with one extorted hospital being forced to pay out $17,000. There are several core factors that have contributed to this unprecedented growth: The increasing popularity of Bitcoin, […]

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How The Digital Attack Landscape Will Change In 2016

By now, digital crime has become so commonplace that news of a new attack is often met with the same level of excitement as a weather report. Unfortunately, this constant influx of bad news masks another, more insidious reality in this horrible state of affairs – cyber-attacks are changing. Like every tech-related industry, cyber-crime is in a state of continual evolution. Knowing where this evolution might take us is the first step to defending ourselves against it. So with that in mind, here are a few ways cyberattacks will likely evolve in 2016 – and what that means for you as we move towards 2017. APDoS Attacks Rise to Prominence Advanced persistent denial of service attacks – essentially massive DDoS […]

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