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5 Reasons You Need To Consider a DevOps Engineer

DevOps proficiency is more than a hiring trend in the software industry. DevOps is the art of combining Development and Operations.  Smart human resource professionals keep their eye out for DevOps engineers. These hiring experts understand that the broader range of expertise that DevOps engineers provide can substantially improve the processes and product of their business. With a blend of programming and IT know-how, DevOps bridge software gaps by providing better collaboration between those writing code and the professionals in IT operations. This collaboration keeps code inputted smoothly, basic operations managed more effectively, and ensure higher quality every step of the way. Here are five reasons that most businesses – no matter their size or goals – should consider a […]

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Hurricane Harvey Aftermath | Victims Still Need Your Help

All of us at Root Level Technology would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the concern expressed to us and to our customers. Although our offices are headquartered in Houston; we have a data center here and in Florida as well as employees in both states. Despite the devastating situation surrounding us and our offices, our data centers and our employees are all safe and ready to help. In Houston – it’s been over two weeks since Harvey passed and countless victims are still recovering from the catastrophic storm. In Florida, Hurricane Irma made landfall Sunday in the Florida Keys, and the devastation will persist as this storm heads north this week.  The calamitous rampages of both these storms […]

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