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Should I use a service provider? Or, should I use a Data Center?

If you’re reading this, you have already identified the need for data center “space.” The question that should continue to be asked is “Can I justify this?” at every step along the way. You can choose to select a local data center, and sign a contract for a ½ CAB, Full CAB, or several CABs of space. The data center will provide you with empty cabinet space, power, and connectivity. Most data centers can rack, and connect your equipment (for a fee). You are responsible for everything else. Before any device is racked, these questions should have already been addressed: What power do I need? 120V, or 208V? Do I need A/B Redundant Power, or a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) What […]

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Should Your Business Deploy A Modular Data Center?

Traditionally, deploying a data center isn’t the sort of thing just anyone can handle. It’s an extensive, laborious process, requiring a massive cost investment, a healthy dollop of technical knowledge, and a plethora of rules and regulations to navigate. Small wonder that most organizations tend to shy away from operating their own – and that many of the ones that do usually aren’t the best at it. But there’s been a trend growing in the data center industry for the past several years: the data-center-in-a-box. Operating out of a unit that looks more like a storage crate or shipping container, these solutions are easy to deploy, easy to spin down, and extremely portable – factors which make them ideal for […]

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