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How Can High-Risk Industries Defend Themselves From DDoS Attacks?

No one is immune to cyberattacks. As technology continues to march forward and more critical data is stored online, more criminals than ever are targeting businesses through digital vectors. The threat landscape has never been more diverse, nor has the risk of an attack ever been higher. It is extremely difficult to mount a defense on all fronts. A business that’s well-equipped to protect against worms and malware, for example, may not be able to mitigate advanced persistent threats or information theft. Similarly, a business that’s geared to prevent information theft might not have proper DDoS defenses in place. Attackers know this, and many now target multiple vectors when attacking an organization. All they need is for one vector to […]

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The Internet of Bots: How A Connected Future Could Give Way To The Biggest Botnets Ever

In October, security firm Imperva reported on a DDoS attack through a somewhat unusual medium. Over 900 CCTV cameras were infected with a variant of a known malware program, and used to flood a cloud service with HTTP requests. The attack peaked at over 20,000 requests per second, according to Computer World. You’ll probably be unsurprised to learn that, of the CCTV cameras compromised in the attack, exactly none of them were properly secured. On the contrary, the vast majority were easily accessible through Telnet or SSH, and all were protected by either default or weak credentials. In other words, they were easy prey for an enterprising hacker. If this news doesn’t have you at least a little wary, you […]

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