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Root Level Technology Joins The HashiCorp Partner Program

Houston, Texas, Nov. 21, 2018 – Root Level Technology, a highly-specialized cloud strategy partner, today announced that it is now fully engaged in the HashiCorp Partner Program.   A global partner network based around DevOps principles, cloud technologies, and data center management, the HashiCorp Partner Network offers participating organizations access to learning, technical, sales, and marketing resources. Partners can select a specific path depending on their business objectives, and can then use the expertise gained through the program to better serve their clients, at the same time deepening their relationship with HashiCorp.   Every Root Level Technology employee is certified with the full HashiCorp toolset and is equipped with the foundational knowledge to engage with clients and vendors alike, implementing […]

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How To: Hashicorp Vault Integration with MongoDB

1. Install Go programming language 1.1 Download the tar file from https://dl.google.com/go/go1.11.linux-amd64.tar.gz 1.2 Extract it to /usr/local , creating Go tree in /usr/local/go using the following command : tar -C /usr/local -xzf go$VERSION.$OS-$ARCH.tar.gz 1.3 Add /usr/local/go/bin to the PATH environment variable. You can do this by adding this line to your /etc/profile (for a system-wide installation) or $HOME/.profile: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin 1.4 Edit your ~/.bash_profile to add the following line: export GOPATH=$HOME/go 1.5 Save and exit your editor. Then, source your ~/.bash_profile. source ~/.bash_profile 2. Install Vault 2.1 Download the appropriate file for your system from here – https://www.vaultproject.io/downloads.html 2.2 Unzip it into any directory and run the executable file Vault 3. Implement MongoDB Database Secrets Engine 3.1 Enable the database […]

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