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Criminals Are Using The Cloud – Here’s How You Can Fight Back

Not everything is peachy-keen in the cloud. Did you know that as many as 10% of cloud repositories may be infected by malware? That includes those hosted by Amazon and Google, by the way. Not even the behemoths of cloud service are immune. Or how about the fact that there exists a burgeoning malware-as-a-service industry, with virus writers offering access to malware kits that include regular updates and technical support? There now exists an entire black market for MaaS, with developers offering money-back guarantees and online reviews. It might be amusing, if it weren’t so disconcerting. These two stories together serve as a stark reminder that the cloud, while a valuable tool for business enablement, can also be wielded by […]

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Three Important Things To Know About Outsourcing Your IT Services

The outsourcing market is ever on the rise. In the interest of reducing costs and enhancing business agility, many organizations are starting to look to third parties to provide essential services such as human resources, accounting, marketing, and IT. Especially for smaller businesses, which may not have in-house resources or expertise, this approach makes a great deal of sense. It’s also an approach that comes with a great deal of risk if done improperly. “Trusting a third-party provider for all of your company’s IT needs can create serious security issues,” reads a piece on Informationweek. “And outsourcing is not a panacea. If your business is having trouble managing technology on its own, it’s likely that an IT outsourcing provider will […]

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Root Level Tech’s Abuse Policy

The Internet is an incredible technology no matter how you spin it. At no other point in human history has there been so much information at our very fingertips. And at no other point in human history have people had so much freedom to share their thoughts and ideas with the wider world.

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